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Build Your Dream Home for Less
If you want the easiest route to invest and have a tropical hideout to escape to, an apartment or condo like the all furnished-just move in ones I have noted are the way to go. If you are looking for something more personal, more private and exclusive then you can buy a house ready to go or build your dream home here still for a great price.
I built my own and I have seen many others come and build since 05 here in the Jacuma area.

To summarize the costs if you build a 200 Sq meter, nice home with a reputable builder you are looking at 200 X 1,500-1,800 Reais per square meter depending on the quality of materials. The low price is good quality, nice materials, the higher more expensive. If a Villa is your dream then the price will depend on the materials and design chosen of course.

Folks, this is incredibly ecomonical to have your own place exactly as you desire in a beach resort area only 20 minutes from a capital city. There is NO better value in all of NE Brazil than right here for both land prices and construction costs.

Check the current exchange rate HERE

I have a few contractors I am comfortable referring. One is all inclusive price, the other two provide labor and assist with materials but are the responsibility of the owner to go after for the most part. If I am involved I can handle this for you.

Here are a few examples of homes friends have built here over the years:

These houses were built by Argentinians, Canadians, Germans, Italians, Portuguese, Americans, British and Brazilians.
For sale, 650,000 Reais in Tabatinga
For sale, R$2,500,000.00 on private point in Jacuma.
Praia Bela Beauty
Built in home and rental business in one wonderful property
Everyone to date I know that has built a nice home in a great location has moved in to their house with the value approximately 50% above what they put in to it. This is simply good business.

I am now in a position to oversee your building project from start to finish if you can’t be here.

Let me know what you are thinking, I am at your service.

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