With a weak Real and economic crisis it is an amazing buyers market right now. Prices are down for first time in 15 years across the board.

Ocean View Lots and larger tracts available in Jacuma, Carapibus, Tabatinga, Coquerinho, Tambaba, Praia Bela Paraiba

Remember, I am your advocate. I can search all the listings with all the realtors, contact them for ones not publicized to help you find

what you want. Just let me know what you are looking for,

let me do the work for you.

It does not cost you more if I am involved, it will cost you less since I won't allow any client to be overcharged or buy into something problematic.

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There are literally 1000's of undeveloped lots in this area. Your range today is millions of Reais for large prime beachfront tracts to only 15,000 Reais for 10X20 meter lots up on the hills above Carapibus and Jacuma. Tell me what you want, I will go find it.

What you see here is just a taste, email me now with your questions!


69 Meters of Beachfront in Tabatinga

Here is most likely the biggest and most exclusive property along the coast in Paraiba right now if ocean waves lapping at your toes in your front yard is the dream for you. You have your own retreat with cliffs surrounding you on all sides.

This is the only property in Tabatiga directly on the sand, nothing will ever be built to the south for several kilometers. It is truly an unique and special place.

Rare beachfront property in Tabatinga

These lots have permanent ocean views across a road to a preservation area by the beach. Nothing can ever be built there. As they are 33 meters back from the high water line at the beach they are fine for building on. The road shown at left does not really exist so access is on two sides in front and back. The 4 lots are 15 x 30 meters each, totaling 1,800 sq meters in area.
Just to the north here is a lagoon, then Tabatinga 1, another lagoon, Carapibus then Jacuma. A short distance south you have kilometers of never to be developed beachfront all the way to Coqueirinho.

The Nord Luxor Flats is just below center off the bottom of this shot. The 6000 Sq meters canyon property if off the lower left, which sold for 2 Million Reais. If rare and exclusive is your goal, this is something to consider.

The asking price is 1,200,000 Reais for the 4 lots shown in red.

A small exclusive beach community, Tabatinga beach front is an exceptionally good investment short or long term. It could be a larger high end home site, 4 home sites, a Pousada or aparts/condos even.

There are a few exclusive beach front lots available in Coqueirinho still


Rare 19 Lots together in Carapibus

About a kilometer up from the main paved road and two blocks south of the new bypass road are 22 lots that comprise the entire south end of a block. It is located about 1.5 kilometers from the beach with ocean views as the land slowly declines to the east down to the coast. The owner put together a very nice project for the tract but things changed and it got tabled. She is open to passing on the project for free to anyone who picks up the entire 22.

Contractors removed dirt from about half the lots on the east side, however it could be worked nicely into a project for the entire area, either with the old plans or new ones.
Directly above you see the 4 markers, 19 Lots, the distance to the beach to the right about 1.5 Km. As an investment to just sit on for a while it has merit as well as every year it is harder to find large blocks of lots together. The asking price is 25/27K Reais each. Make an offer, owner is eager to sell. Email me for photos and more details.


Rare Seven Cliff Top Ocean Front Lots in Praia Bela

A gorgeous property with expansive views. Something this big on a cliff with panoramic views is very rare today anywhere south of Joao Pessoa. The property has Sudema permission to build on the back 50%, tons of space therefore for a private residence or commercial complex, apartments, condo's etc.

Palms can be thinned for a much more open space if desired. The house is small, one bedroom upstairs, abandoned for 5 years. Could be renovated or torn down, one use-able space is a garage. The other buildings are all animal related. This is a spectacular spot for someone! Is only a 5 minute walk to the beach too!

Asking price is only 550K Reais. Sold


Rare Ocean View lot in Tabatinga

Ref: And1

About a 5 minute walk to beach is this single building lot. Ocean view upper lot with lots of space for garden, grass, BBQ, pool etc. Lot has low wall built enclosing it already. Property is only 5 minutes walk from beautiful Tabatinga beaches.

View of ocean from the property. In quiet area. Asking 100K Reais. Email me for more info. REF: Bill/taba
Here a beautiful double lot sold in Praia Bela bordering on a river and ocean just beyond.

What are you looking for? Let me go find it for you!!

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