With a weak Real and economic crisis it is an amazing buyers market right now. Prices are down for first time in 15 years across the board.

Why the Jacuma, South Coast Area?

Jacuma, Carapibus, Tabatinga, Coqueirinho, Tambaba, Praia Bela

                         Jacuma is about 22 Km south of the capital city of Joao Pessoa in Paraiba, Brazil in the Conde district.

It is now mostly vacation, weekend homes for people from the city and interior of state. It is the perfect area for people that want easy and fast access to all a city offers but don’t want to live there. It is still essentially a fishing village which means land prices and building costs are substantially lower than in the city. In fact, this entire area is the most economical area to buy beach front or view properties this close to a major city in the NEast. Crime is low and building costs will run you around 1200 Reais per square meter, keys in hand ready to move in. This would be a nice home with yard. If you want an upper scale home the price would go up depending on material costs.

There are three large developments that are are bringing international attention to this area and pushing prices upward as they market them nationally and the world over. This is good for people investing beforehand of course. There is also a 19 million Reais improvement project on the plans for the beach areas of Jacuma and a paved road bypass being built right now (Oct. 2012) that will make access during the heavy holiday season much much easier.

The new governor Ricardo Coutinho is keeping his word to push forward infrastructure improvements in the south coast area.


                                                Deserted stretch of beach north of Jacuma called Praia de Gramame

                                                     Carapibus Beach taken from thePousada Corais de Carapibus

Just south is an official Naturist Beach. A beautiful place with visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty!
The Gorgeous Tabatinga beach, first of two lagoons at right. This is the most exclusive, small beach location other than Coqueirinho, but access to services is better. You have a couple of kilometers of never to be developed beach along the cliffs to the south to explore for all time. It stretches to Coqueirinho which is consistently voted one of the top 10 beaches in Brazil and even the world.

                                     Coqueirinho Bay Around the corner heading south is the famous Canyon Restaurant.

                                                  You have be happy to spend premium $, the food is fantastic at least.

                                          Enjoy a beachfront Drink or meal in front of the Canyon Restaurant in Coqueirinho

                                       A nice retreat for a Judge from Recife overlooking the Emerald waters of Coqueirinho

                                         The magically unspoiled beach at Coqueirinho, 30 minutes walking you hit Tambaba

     The area furthest south with fantastic vistas, beaches and home sites is Praia Bela. Here at the north end river entrance.

                                                          The best surfing spot in all of Paraiba by the way!

Kiteboarding is pretty big in Paraiba, mostly in JP, here in Carapibus you see a few folks here and there. The surfers spot is a bit south in Tambaba and Praia Bela.

Is Jacuma for me you might ask? Here is a little straight talk on life here

Jacuma is still a glorified fishing Village, is rustic, rough in parts, the roads are mostly dirt and can get pretty bad during the winter rains. If you want perfect infrastructure go to Natal or Joao Pessoa or the bigger cities, you will not appreciate the life we have here. If you want Gringo's everywhere this is probably not for you.

This area is for the person that likes the idea of a beach retreat near a big city, but not in it. The idea of a simpler, low key life where the air is of the cleanest in the entire world. The idea of a nice place on or near the beach for a fraction of the cost of Natal, Joao Pessoa or anywhere else in North East Brazil. The taxes are low, come and complain about the roads so they can go up! Are you getting the picture?

I look around and I see Freedom. I see what is lost after decades of 1,500 new laws (and taxes to pay for them) a year so people can have their "benefits" to first world living.

The area from Jacuma to Praia Bela has the cleanest, prettiest ocean in the State, and in all of Brazil except for Alagoas which is the most Carib like in S. America. I want beautiful blue/green ocean color, it happens here during the summer when the rains and wind slow down.

If you want life most like what you have in the first world, go to southern Brazil, and pay the price. This is not for wimps and whiners, the Brazil forums are full of them. There are challenges to overcome here, but of course there are none in the US, or the UK or Spain or ?? I chose to have my challenges here, and I wouldn't trade them for what I left behind.

I could have bailed after the first arrow shot at my Gringo be-hind, but I am here to help you do better than I did. There are many many many good reasons to be right here, right now. If you have a heart for any fate and enjoy being off the beaten path this may be a beautiful and worthwhile area for you to invest and hang your hat for a while.

Come visit, get a taste, you might just like it!

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