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My name is Douglas Thompson. I live by the beach in NE Brazil. If you yearn to live the beach life for a fraction of the cost you find in North America, Europe or Australia this may be for you also. Paraiba, a small state on the NE coast of Brazil is the last place in the tropical north east Brazil where you can still find affordable but gorgeous beach property near civilization and build/buy for far less than in the first world. The challenge is coming here blind and trying to deal with all the pitfalls of investing in a foreign country in a foreign language.

I know, because I did it and had to overcome challenges at every turn. Did you know that most Realtors here represent the seller only. (This is not the law, just the way it is). It is up to the buyer to know the market and the current prices. It is also up to the buyer to know if there are any restrictions on building. Environmental restrictions are increasing yearly and you want to be sure you can build on the land you buy.



Living here since 2003 I saw that if investors had a local person to help at the beginning interested in more than just selling, it would have saved them money, time and headaches. That is why I created BBL. My education has been costly but valuable as now I know the ropes and can help you find and or build your special place and get it done for the real market value. I began consulting with real estate in 2007.

Alert: Today we are at historic lows for the Real against many foreign currencies. Never before has it been a better time to invest to get incredible values in relation to the Brazilian currency, the Real.  See http://xe.com


Today in July 2021 holders of US dollars, GBPounds, Euros and most of the top currencies can buy at 50% of what you would have paid just 3 years ago.  This includes building if you choose to. (I can manage it for you from start to finish). 

I am a certified Realtor in Brazil, CRECI #4512 but I am more like what you could call a Buyers/Sellers Advocate. I associate with other CRECI Registered Realtors, private owners, builders, lawyers and other trustworthy people that can help you secure your own dream spot in paradise.

Realtors where I live usually do not promote properties of the other agents so I am in a special position to help you as I keep up on everything, everyone has to offer. This helps keep the pricing real as well. Even if you are wealthy you want to invest your funds wisely and safely I expect. That is my mission!



I am also a Seller’s Advocate

If you have property to sell, I can manage it for you and list it with one, two or all the local realtors making sure you get maximum exposure both locally and internationally. I have done this very successfully so far. If however you want me to keep quiet and try to sell a property for way over it's market value I am not the right choice I apologize.

Being a local I can also help you decide where would work best for you, keeping the “Rose Colored Glasses” off and telling it straight as I see it. For instance if you are an “impatient perfectionist” I would suggest you check out……..New Zealand! (-: Here you have to have patience for cultural differences.

I have been along most of the North East coast from Jericoacoara in Ceara to Salvador in Bahia. If value is primary, where I live is King now and for a multitude of other reasons including quality of life, ocean quality, natural tropical beauty, security, and access to the small (less than a million) capital city Joao Pessoa in 25 minutes.

Joao Pessoa has occasional issues with crime in it's seedy areas. If you mess with drugs and go to these areas you could have problems, like in most any other country. To claim it is anything other than an awesome place to hang your hat because of this is simply one's choice. 16 years here with my family has been marvelous and safe. If I felt otherwise I would find something else to do than help you find your tropical chill out spot here.



So whether you want to purchase land and build or find a special house or condo ready to move into I can help. If you want to rent a nice place and check things out, I can help. I’ll even suggest other locations depending on what you want, I am about helping you get make a good decision, wherever it may be in the end.

I am the friend to you I wish I had when I arrived here. I am independent, in a better position to help you find what you want. A regular realtor wants to sell you what they have, that is natural. As your advocate my job is to help you find where first and then the best fit for all your needs, whomever may have the properties. Then to help you through every step until it is safely done.

I don’t have testimonials here as anyone knows they can all be made up. However I have clients, (now friends) who will gladly share their thoughts on working with me. Just ask.

Remember to start that all prices are asking prices in Brazilian Reais unless I say it is the bottom line. All prices are in the local currency, the Real, plural, Reais. For the current exchange rate I have links there for your convenience. Serious offers can be made on all.

Ref: Jacuma is main town, next south is Carapibus where I am, then Tabatinga. Just south is Coquerinho whose beach is rated in the top 10 in all of Brazil. Then comes the Tambaba Naturist Beach and preservation area. At the south end is Praia Bela and then the last coastal stretch called Pitimbu down to the Pernambuco border on the river. Can see this on map in the "Why Paraiba" section.



If you are interested in Joao Pessoa I will search for you there as well. Anywhere in NEast Brazil I can offer assistance to help you invest safely.

I would not buy anything near water, a preservation area or a drop off/cliff without a Pre-Inspection document (Vistoria Previa) from Sudema saying it was OK to build and where. I will let you know if this is needed or not. This is the owners responsibility. As I have mentioned before there are lots for sale now that have no pre-inspection and are questionable whether one can build there under current state or Federal laws.

I consistently meet people who bought and found out afterwards they were misled in one way or another. No matter who you are dealing with in NE Brazil I can help you be sure you are getting what you are paying for, a good value and a safe purchase. If I am involved in the sale I will earn part of the commission so has no additional cost to you, if not I can be hired as a consultant to protect your interests.

If the transaction is complicated for any reason or if you simply prefer to have an attorney oversee the purchase or sale I have a high caliber partner that is 100% professional and trustworthy that speaks and writes English to help out. His fee is a flat 3% of the purchase price.

Sometimes a great property comes up but needs quick action, getting on my email update list allows you to be first to know. Just send a request to me here

My list is private, for my own use only.

The properties here are mainly for you to get an idea, my site is more about you getting to know me and the area than constantly putting up properties. If you like what you see drop me an email with details on what you are looking for. We then dig into everything available as of that day with me and my dozen local partners! 

On this site you will learn why Brazil is a fantastic place to invest right now, why Paraiba offers opportunity unique in the world, no less North East Brazil and why right where I live is one of the few places anywhere where a tropical beach lifestyle designed by you is still possible for a bargain price. (Only 25 minutes from a capital/major city with most everything you want and need available).

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to helping you any way I can.

Avante! -Douglas
Carapibus, Paraiba, Brazil



World Cup Game, Japan vs Ivory Coast June 2014


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I am on telegram.org  We can chat and talk for free on best Artificial Inteligence assisted voice platform in the world.

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Contact me by EMAIL and to get on my update list now! Not everything is listed on the site, keep up on the latest information and hot buys! Also, please let me know if you see any errors and or have feedback.

People Watching Brazilian Style: I was open for a great partner when I came and it happened and has worked out well. A couple of friends noticed and: 


Matthew Mcconaughey and Brazilian wife Camila Alves.


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